Annie Zhao

Annie Zhao is a high school senior and the first Asian titleholder in Tennessee USA system history. Annie wants to become a leader in medicine as an OBGYN and advance healthcare for women and children through a more matured lens of womanhood. Incredibly fascinated by science, she has interviewed, shadowed, and assisted doctors and scientists since middle school! On her voyage to becoming a healthcare professional, she has won several science competitions, conducted environmental health research with the University of Memphis, and edited genes through CRISPR-CAS9 with the University of Tennessee!

Annie is also extremely passionate in community service, music, and journalism! She enjoys helping her community and spreading joy in any way she can. Whether that is through direct volunteering or creating music on her violin, she has devoted over 400 hours to the people around her. You can catch her playing in symphonies, leading music groups, or practicing a variety of repertoire in her free time! Annie loves interviewing and has founded two journalists’ associations (in Tennessee and Florida) that have interviewed over 40 professionals! She is dedicated to gathering life advice from a diverse range of careers to share with students across Tennessee!

As a strong advocate for childhood literacy and racial injustice, Annie has committed to impacting as many people around her as possible. Having struggled with literacy as a child, she is determined to mitigate the obstacles she had experienced for others. Annie has instructed English to students in and outside of the US since she was 14! Advancing from learning basic English out of TV shows and books as a child to making the highest possible scores on testing or winning at every Model United Nations conference she has attended; Annie has grown to become an English and public speaking enthusiast! One of her most important events was the deliverance of the Stop Asian Hate speech regarding racism to hundreds of Tennesseans. She hopes her message representing AAPI youth made a difference in changing hearts and minds!

Finally, Annie’s optimism and balance in life keep her living to her fullest! She firmly believes in the motto “it is never too late to start any journey”!



PO Box 1658
Collierville, TN 38027


Phone: +1 (615) 891-0557