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Savana Hodge

Savana Hodge is a twenty-five year old Tennessee native hailing from Knoxville. Savana graduated from Belmont University in 2016, earning her Bachelor of Arts while triple majoring in International Business, Marketing, and Spanish. She began her career working in civil engineering for a global engineering design firm and now interfaces with engineering departments at U.S. Universities. She is an avid beekeeper and grew up fly-fishing, working on her family’s farm, and putting her grandfather’s antique fire engine back together. She’d like to think that she’s as fearsome with a wrench or a pot of honey as she is in stilettos - but that’s for for others to decide, she supposes. Savana is remarkably grateful to be Miss Tennessee USA - and believes that true beauty is always willing to kneel in your most expensive gown to see the unseen and look into people’s eyes, to bring beauty to the darkest places, and to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.